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About us

Aloha Mama’s Childcare are a team of Gen Xers, known as Gramma and Pops (formerly known as Christine and Richard Galarza, Sr), carry a deep understanding on the busy lives of working parents as well as the challenges of balancing work and family life. We are more than happy and willing to extend our home to the working families of our community and offering support needed to ensure their children’s safety and well-being. As a team of grandparents, we will ““provide an abundance of unconditional love, kindness, patience, laughter, comfort, and lessons in life. Essentials of what children need most.”

Short Daycare Background

State Licensed Certified family child care in Beaverton offering child care for
mixed age group from 12 mos. – 12 years.


The mission of Aloha Mama’s Childcare is to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment where each child can grow and learn to excel; to become an extension of their home to help nurture and shape their lives. Our goal is to give parent’s peace of mind knowing their children’s care is in capable hands.


Our desired vision is to provide the children with a cherished childhood experience by providing memorable important lessons that will remain with them all their lives. We strongly believe spending lots of quality time establishing a culture of responsibility, accountability, and self-sufficiency should start in early childhood, in addition to teaching core values such as respect, honesty, kindness and empathy. Promoting and coaching these critical life skills consistently both at home and at daycare during a child’s early years are fundamental. In doing so, your child will feel more secure, confident and independent giving them a better chance of coping with his/her own developmental stages.


We believe having small groups enhances a child’s ability to grow and learn at their individual pace. This empowers the children to meet each of their needs and find their strengths. We promote a nurturing atmosphere to explore, interact and imagine. At work and at play throughout the day, they’re engaged to build friendship, self-esteem, problem solving and social skills.